Josh Kennedy grew up in Wheaton, Missouri – population 621. Kennedy was born in to music, appearing on stage from the age of 2 playing a plastic Scooby Doo guitar during his father’s gigs with the band Midnight Express.

By the age of 13, Josh began developing his music career playing the guitar. It was in that same year he watched the Gin Blossoms perform for the first time on T.V. and was immediately drawn to the band, deciding THAT’s the band he wanted to be in. Joshua’s dad told him that he could be in that band one day.

For the next 5 years, Joshua strived to achieve his dreams, playing regionally and recording songs in the areas of Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. After recording in studios, Joshua was having a hard time communicating his own ideas with the engineer and felt that there wasn’t much progress in moving them to the next phase. He wanted attention drawn to tones and had many new ideas he wanted to incorporate into his music. He knew it was time to move on.

As Josh completed High School, he and his childhood friend/bandmate, made the move to Tempe, AZ in 2001.  As Kennedy recalls, “I wound up in Arizona for two reasons.  First because since I was 13, I was set on playing guitar for the Gin Blossoms. Their albums Hey Jealousy and Congratulations, I’m Sorry just connected with me. I had met Robin Wilson at a show in Springfield, MO and he said if we were ever in Tempe, AZ to stop by his studio.  The second was to attend a recording school he found in the back of Rolling Stone Magazine called Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences (CRAS).”

Just before graduating on the very last day of class in late August 2001, there were flyers up all over school that read, “Wanted: Conservatory student from Missouri, Smokey Van required.” He had joined Joshua in the van for a “song listening” session in their band van when they met him in Springfield Missouri earlier in 2000.

After hesitantly calling the number, thinking it was just a joke by friends at school, it was actually Robin Wilson himself. Josh started working at his studio immediately engineering sessions for local bands and started to put the beginning works on what was to become the Black Moods.

When the Gin Blossoms went back out on the road, they took Josh along as their stage manager/guitar tech, doing whatever was asked of him. For Joshua’s 21st birthday they surprised him on stage and he got to play guitar with The Gin Blossoms on a Tom Petty tune. This took him back to the day his father had told him that one day, he could play in that band. He had achieved his goal of finally playing guitar in the Gin Blossoms. After Joshua’s big debut with the band he continued to work with them up to 2003 when he later moved on to start really focusing on his own band, The Black Moods.

The Black Moods have found the inspiration to write and arrange repertoire that has a timeless sensibility while creating a wealth of rock songs with great melodies and a pure vintage attitude.  They are old school rock ‘n’ roll, emotionally driven, and crafting lyrical gems deeply impacted by sex and love.  Musically, their songs are raw rock and roll, reminiscent of the way it was back in the day where everything had a little bit of tube growl sweating off vinyl LPs.

Josh Kennedy says, “I feel like we are an emotionally driven 70’s Rock ‘n’ Roll band. We just happen to have grown up in the nineties. We have a clear vision of the music we want to create, and it is reminiscent of a more classic rock style.  I hope when people come to a show, or hear an album, they sense feeling, emotion and intensity.”

As they look towards the future, Kennedy dreams.  He offers, “I want to live forever.  Knowing I can’t, I know songs can, and I want to leave something that people can hear and enjoy and connect to long after I’m gone.  Not being a fan of death or endings, It’s comforting knowing that’s possible.  When people think of us now, they should simply think to themselves, ‘really good music, made by really good guys, that will blow you mind. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we are serious about what we are doing.”


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